Candlemaking Solo - Jar

9 February 2009

I didn’t mean to procastinate.  But, it did rather turn out that way.  For about an hour, I took a break from my work, and played with wax, using the wonderful candle-making machine my brother gave us for Christmas a year ago.  This gizmo makes the process so easy and so mess-free, that it took no more time than a good lunch break, so I don’t feel too bad about it.  And, it was brought on by necessity . . . I’ve been saving the remaining bits of all my yummy-smelling candles for the whole year, and I was out of space.  Out of space for storing used, empty candle jars, too!  So, this was the day when I could stand the clutter in that cabinet no longer, and voila!  The end result is two beautiful new candles.  My photo is of one of them.