Crock Pot Boil

11 February 2009

Happy Birthday, William Todd!

After two nights in a row of quick meals at No Frills Grill, tonight was the night we were going to be good.
And a bit adventuresome!

Kyle had picked up some groceries in his shopping trip on Sunday, that were out of the ordinary for our house. Meat. Potatoes. And fresh green beans.

Now, I know that to most folks, that doesn’t sound unusual at all. But, we’re not most folks, and we’ve always been the “open a can” type meal-makers—when we even make a meal at home. But, in an effort to eat more healthily, and save money by staying home, we’re doing some experimenting.

I’ve been wanting for some time, now, to learn more about using our crockpot. Kyle has actually been studying up on it. He bought the stuff, and last night he cut up the meat and potatoes and marinated, and finally tossed all of it, and some seasonings into the pot and put the pot in the fridge. This morning, his intention was to turn it on before leaving for work and have it be all ready for dinner this evening. Well, I was using the power outlet and promised that I’d plug it in and start the crockpot as soon as I was done. It not being normal, yet, I forgot.

Not completely—but for a couple of hours. So, when I did remember, I plugged it in and put it on high to make up for lost time. I now know that’s a no-no . . . apparently, that causes your meat to get dry. And if I was to have any complaint about our meal, that the meat was a little dry would be it. But, that’s not much of a complaint when weighed against how tasty the meal turned out to be! We were both quite pleased . . . and I was very proud of Kyle, ’cause this was really all him. We have leftovers, now, that will feed us a couple more times. And next time, I know not to rush the process by turning up the heat! The key is low heat for longer time. Live and learn.