My Dream Couch

7 February 2009

This is a horrible photo, I know. But, the subject matter is divine!

Most of the really good fabric stores in Dallas, that sell the sorts of fabrics I buy, are also upholstery shops. Hence, when you walk in the door, there is always a marvelous display of custom upholstery work, just waiting for its various happy owners to come and claim their revitalized furniture. Chairs, bed dressings, sofas, pillows, ottomans, and even fabulous window treatments are there to provide me with great new ideas, and inevitably cause a little drooling. Rarely, though do these items stop me in my tracks and render me speechless. This sofa sectional did just that.

This is not a fantasy sofa from Yoville, folks. This is the real thing. And, someday, when I have a house big enough to accommodate it . . . I will have one very much like this. I am smitten.

The fabric safari was ultimately both successful, and a lot of fun. (Starr:  this one’s for you!  Let me know what you think!)  I know that John reached sensory overload about an hour and half before we were done. But, we found what we wanted and needed, and came back home happy and with tired feet and backs. I took and recorded all their measurements, with an eye toward having mock-ups done for them a couple of weekends into Scarborough.  Mexican Inn provided the four of us with dinner, and we said our goodbyes, half expecting that tomorrow will present too many challenges for getting back together. The business is done. So, sadly, the fun must be done, too. But, it’s a very few weeks until faire starts and we’ll see John and BeaJay, again.