John & BJ at No Frills Grill

6 February 2009

My house is clean!  Of course, that’s primarily because we have guests from out of town this weekend, and I spent a considerable amount of time this week making ready.  But, it feels good, and I was indeed . . . ready.

John and BeaJay (and their four-legged child Nick) arrived just as expected in the late afternoon.  First things first, we spent some time in the backyard with the three dogs, allowing for some special get-aquainted time.  Once we were sure all was well there, we started to work.  John and BeaJay are an adorable couple that call TRF their home faire, and who we met about four years ago when they made their first purchases from Pendragon Costumes.  BeaJay can often be counted on to show up with some home-baked goodie or another, and John is always bearing a flask of yummy.  Somewhere along the line, as often happens, customers turned first playtron, then “pet patron” and then . . . friend!  And, soon, I will have the privilege of creating custom costume pieces for them.  This weekend was intended to be our consultation/measurement session for those outfits.

It took a while for us to iron out the basics so that we all understood one another, and after that, it got super easy!  We are doing a proper Tudor set for them, we figured out colours, chose a couple of our fabrics and had a specific goal for our fabric safari on Saturday.  The timing was almost perfect as Kyle arrived home from work, and we were all hungry for dinner.  Off to No Frills Grill—no need to impress friends with anyplace fancy! 😉  More important to share our genuine selves—and No Frills is nothing if not typically “us.”

I snapped this photo of  John and BeaJay as we were playing trivia and enjoying each other’s company.