Interior Glowing Lights

8 February 2009

I got up bright and early this morning and Ronnie picked me up at 7:30 a.m. Yep. That’s love. 😉

We had breakfast at IHOP and then went to his office, where I helped him with the planning and logistics of the trade show display for his company. I love doing stuff like that, and Ronnie and I really miss spending time . . . and even miss working . . . with each other. So, it was fun.

John and BeaJay had already hit the road by the time I returned home, as I had feared. So, I had a little while to myself here at the house, and then Kyle got home after a grocery run, and it was time to head to Flower Mound for “Bob Burgers” and awesome guacamole at the Haines’ residence.

Our planning party with select members of The Blazing Sun pirate crew was a good time. We made lots of progress, and even if it seems the project in question will take more time and money than we have right now, we are officially on the way toward making it happen.

On the way home from Curtis’ house, I realized I hadn’t taken a photo. I am sick of shooting pictures at home, and decided to snap something . . . anything . . . just not to have to find another knick knack to shoot. Um . . . I should have waited, it turns out, ’cause . . . this photo sucks. But, once I got home, I never thought about it again, and voila! This shot of Kyle’s car dash, is what you get.