Whose Chair?

2 February 2009
Groundhog Day

I hear Punxatawnie Phil saw his shadow—six more weeks of winter. I hope that means we’ll actually get another cold snap.

About the photo: doesn’t she look indignant? Like I shouldn’t want to sit in my own chair. I wasn’t out of the chair for thirty seconds . . .

Monday . . . even when you don’t belong to the ratrace of corporate America, there’s a certain sluggish surrealism about Mondays.

I had lunch with my Kelly today . . . she’s soon to leave town on business for a few days and I wanted to get some quality time in with her before she left. And, in an ongoing effort to move more, I left my car parked at the Boston Market and walked to the bank. Woo hoo! It felt good, too!

I got the four boxes of Pendragon stuff on its way to Arizona, and was back home before Kyle got home from work. I guess it was a decent start to the week.