4 February 2009

My friends all know I have a serious shoe habit.  And anybody who’s been to our house knows about the dragons, the books, the hats, the Mickey stuff and the wall art.  And of course, there’s the fabric.

But, also among my tendencies for overindulgence is the love of office supplies.  Paper and writing utensils in particular.  (I used to think it was weird—hush, you!—but I’ve discovered this is not an unusual fetish!  It’s actually very common . . . at least among my friends!)  And, my favourite . . . Sharpies. 

I have been a lover of Sharpies since the eighties, when there were only four colours:  black, red, green and blue.  Then, suddenly one day there was purple!  And orange and yellow!  It was wonderful and very liberating.  And, I must not have been alone in feeling that way, because over the last two decades, the Sharpie folks* have gifted us with a veritable rainbow of colours from which to choose our own personal flavour of Sharpie fun.  Thirty-nine colours, to be exact.  And ten styles—with various sizes and shapes of writing nibs.  This photo is of the container of Sharpies that lives on my desk.  It does not include the ones in the drawer, or in my scrapbooking bags, or in my computer bag, or in the kitchen, or in the workshop, or in the trailer, or in the car, or clipped to my purse. (Don’t you just love those cute little mini-Sharpies?!)

*A quick bit of easy research shows that “the Sharpie folks” are actually the “Sanford Brands” folks.  And Sanford brands include such well-known and beloved office/household staples, as PaperMate, Rolodex, Parker, Expo, and Liquid Paper, just to name a few.  And one step further in this little corporate flowchart shows that Sanford Brands is actually a sister brand to another favourite of mine that I’ve blogged about before:  Rubbermaid.

Ahhhh . . . the joys of happy consumerism.