Kelly Presents Iron Thistle

31 January 2009

A free Saturday—guess where we went?  Yep, the Rahr!  This is Kelly, sporting her sassy new haircut, and doing her best Tour Guide/sexy Librarian imitation, and showing off her half-drunk pint (the pint is half-drunk, not the Kelly . . . ;-)) of Rahr’s new Iron Thistle brew.  It is the best thing they’ve produced, yet, and that’s saying a lot!  We actually shot this photo twice to make sure we had the Rahr Brewing logo facing front! )  🙂


Kelly and Bert (by bicycle) and Joe and Starr and their boys met us there.  We had a wonderful visit with them, and then we all trucked over to Fuzzy’s Taco’s for some yummy fish tacos to round out the afternoon.  We were entertained during lunch by Alex‘s antics!

Back at home, Kyle and I hunkered down to relax with some mindless television.  And laundry. 😉