Winning Hand

29 January 2009

I stayed an extra day in Florida.  It has been a very good week with my mother, and circumstances seemed to align to cause me to postpone my flight home for 24 hours.  Between the fun time in St. Augustine and the tire delays, and the fact that flights actually looked easier for Friday this week, than for Thursday, here I am.

We had a very relaxing day in which we visited, cleaned up the motor home from the trip, played with an IQ test (I did pretty well!) and played more Phase 10.  My photo is of Mama’s winning hand . . . or I should say one of Mama’s many winning hands!  It has been established that although I greatly enjoy the playing of it, this is not my game!  I cannot win no matter what!  We even played through a whole game with the understanding we were trying to all stay on the “same phase,” and still I didn’t come out the winner!  Even in the lucky chair!  My mother on the other hand, is almost as good at this game, as she is at finding random coins on the ground everywhere she goes!  Call it luck; call it divine intervention . . . I don’t know what to think, exactly, but it is amazing!

I have enjoyed my time here with her (and John) and now tomorrow I will go home to my husband who I miss so much.  And then, we are on the downhill slide toward Scarborough’s opening day.  The next eight weeks will fly by!