Mama and John at lunch

26 January 2009

Okay, I simply have to admit that the weather here is amazing!

We went out this morning to a choir rehearsal where I got to sing a beloved song I haven’t sung in decades! Then, we went to lunch at a charming place with as much Florida flavour as I can imagine. The Lake Mineola Tiki Bar served us some really tasty burgers as we gazed out upon the pretty little lake and sat under a large market umbrella. At one point I looked down and saw this little guy, a marked contrast to yesterday’s lizard!  And, when I looked up from my luncheon chair, I saw this lovely tree covered in Spanish moss.  The temperature was in the mid seventies, and a light breeze made the leaves sway a little bit.  It was really a lovely al fresco dining experience—reminiscent of my summer days in Wisconsin, only right now it’s about fourteen degrees there, and snowing I think!  I want my four seasons, but, I can sure see why people migrate to Florida!

I snapped this photo of Mama and John as we waited for our meals to arrive.  The two of them are really so cute, and they rarely have another person with them who can capture their cuteness with a camera, so I’m doing my part!  (I took these, one of each of them, the day I arrived.)

Right now, I write this while riding up Interstate 95 toward St. Augustine.  An historic old town, it’s one I got a quick taste of a couple of years ago, but have never really had a chance to enjoy.  So, we decided this afternoon to toss some stuff into the RV and do the drive tonight, have some dinner, and be there for a full day of fun tomorrow.  The bonus plan that just developed is that there’s a Chico’s store in St. Augustine we’ll visit tonight!  Woo hoo!