Snapshot of Daddy

24 January 2009

My mom surprised me with a touching gift. (Okay, actually there’ve been a few of those already this week!) She handed me this framed photo of my daddy.

Anybody who’s ever spent any time in my house, knows what my daddy looked like. I have kept a beautiful portrait of him as a young man (the man my mom fell in love with) in a frame on the buffet in the living room, for years. But, this photo of Daddy, is from about twenty years later, and represents what he looked like when I was a teenager. It’s a little closer to the image of him that my brain accesses on an almost daily basis. The smile, the thinning hair, the big bow tie . . . he’s been gone 25 years, and I still miss him like it was yesterday.

I am pretty sure this is a shot that Mama took of Daddy because he needed a photo to give to the newspaper when he was elected President of the School Board. I know for sure that it’s a great shot of him I am thrilled to have it. I can’t look at it and not smile back!