Cat at the end of the Journey

18 January 2009

After a wonderful experience at Chad and Laura’s wedding, it was time to go home.  Kelly delivered Chris back to the airport while Kyle and I had breakfast.  Then, we checked out of our very comfortable hotel and drove Kyle to the airport, and Kelly and I began our seven-hour drive back home.  Since I was feeling quite under the weather, and Kelly actually seems to prefer to drive, I rode shotgun/navigator and off we went.  We listened to a book for a while, had some great conversation and entertaining debate, and in the last few minutes of the trip, I read aloud to Kelly, the amazing news story about the potential space-time discovery that our existence could be taking place in a hologram! 

Kyle seemed to be reading my mind, as we said goodnight to Kelly, and moments later he and I were seated at Abuelo’s with margaritas and enchiladas on the way.  We watched the end of the Ravens/Steelers game, and enjoyed each other’s company, despite my sneezing and sniffling.  Home again, and in bed, I realized there had been no photo.  So, I took a few of Artemis as she was winding down for bedtime.  This one I chose to use here, actually involved a little help from Kyle as well.

It was a great weekend.

Now, let’s bring on the serious vitamin C and kick this cold!