Chad, the bridegroom

16 January 2009

I write this from a very nice Residence Inn in Springfield, Missouri.  Our pups are happy ’cause Rod is there with them (thank you Rod!!!) and the cat is likely impartial.  But, we are having fun, and are very glad to be here, and be a part of Chad and Laura’s special weekend. 

Kelly and I had an uneventful drive, and got here in time to change clothes and get back to pick up Kyle from the airport and get to the dinner party tonight.  We enjoyed the company of some wonderful folks, and ate delicious food, and just generally had a great time.  We are even more excited now, after talking with other people, about the event tomorrow.  Right now, we are relaxing in our hotel suite and enjoying some awesome conversation. 

Unfortunately, it’s after two a.m. and we are officially getting tired.

<sigh>  Tomorrow is another (fun) day!