10 January 2009
On 31 December 2008 we said goodbye to a long time employee at AA. This man did all the shite work that goes with any job. He was available 24-7 to answer any questions from the field and generally make my job easier. One of the primary things he did for us was enable us to have weekends off (barring any catastrophes). With his departure so goes my free weekends.
So, on Saturday, I woke up at 0700 to prepare reports and participate in the daily operational conference call. These are things I do during the week so it’s not a hardship…except that it was Saturday. I took the call, fired off the reports and settled in to watch some good footy on the telly only to fall asleep during a Serie A match (Italian football). My wife roused me with the words every husband longs to hear, "Darling, would you like to go have some beer?" 😉
Well, of course I would. So, we jumped in the motorcar, picked up our darling friend, Kelly, and went on down to the Rahr Brewery for same frothy adult yumminess. I took this photo on the way out.
Rahr Brewery Boundry Fence - Tilt Shifted
I did some post-processing on it to achieve what’s called Tilt Shifting. It’s a current meme and I really dig the look. The colour-enhancement coupled with a very narrow focal band tricks our mind into believing that it’s a macro shot of a diorama. Cool.

~KR (Written on 12 January 2009)

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