New Courthouse

9 January 2009

December got away from me pretty quickly.  I had a list as long as my arm, of things I needed to get done before the trip, and I worked my way through it, prioritizing, finishing what I could, and making a new list of the things that would have to wait until January. 

It’s January, now, and we’re back from the trip, and the first thing on that list of stuff that should have happened in December, but didn’t, was registering my truck.    I got the notice this time, that said I needed new plates, so I figured I had to go in to the courthouse in person and take care of it.  Turns out, I didn’t—I could have done it by mail, because my “Keep Texas Wild” plates don’t change numbers—they just have to be replaced every seven years (apparently the state has determined that the reflective coating wears off in seven years), and they have to be mailed directly to me.  But, until today, I was lacking those details and so I took Kyle to work, allowing me to keep his car and do my errands without driving my technically non-registered truck. 

For as long as I’ve lived in Arlington (and a lot longer than that, I imagine) the local Tarrant County Sub Courthouse has been on Border Street, near downtown.  I found out today, that’s no longer true.  It moved!  Apparently last summer, the new facility opened, at 700 W. Abram Street, about as “downtown” as it gets in Arlington, Texas.  It’s a very lovely, very modern building, with lots of glass and steel, and a large circular entry two floors high.  I was impressed.  I was not, however, terribly impressed with the huge number of people all transacting business related to auto registrations.  When I walked in they were serving #535 and the little number ticket I pulled from the machine was #599!  Needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time there, but it could certainly have been worse.  The workers were efficient, and the crowd was quiet and polite.   I will try in the future,  however, to do this vehicle registration dance by mail!   

But, I’m all legally registered again, and now I can drive my truck around town without worrying about it. 

The new courthouse was just one of three government buildings I visited today,  in downtown Arlington. (Who knew there was a traffic “red light” camera on the intersection of Cooper and Border Streets?)  Arlington has certainly grown up!  I knew that there were lots of changes and improvements going on in that area of town, but I was surprised at just how “updated” things are in our little downtown! 

Now, if only we could get some public transportation!