Travel Docs 

7 January 2009

Home.  It’s a bittersweet thing, that.  We had an absolutely fabulous holiday—better, I think, than either of us had dared to hope.   I’ve thanked all our friends and readers for their “company” on our journey as we shared it here on The Daily KRuMB.  Now, I want to thank my husband.

Thank you, Kyle for sharing with me your love of travel and your spirit of adventure.  Thank you for being the type of person who is never afraid of a new experience.  Thank you for loving the lands and the history of our ancestry as much as I do, or more.  Thanks for your seemingly natural ability to drive on the left side of the road!  Thanks for having a job where you are compensated enough to afford certain luxuries, and for providing for the two of us to have such a good life.  Thanks for loving me enough, and showing it, to have a flight attendant ask us if we were newlyweds.  Thanks for the incredible memories of this trip, and for all the memories we will spend the rest of our lives building!  I love you, Kyle.

We are back, now.  I am actually sitting in the DFW Airport’s D Terminal, while Kyle has gone to get the car.  There are no extraordinary, exciting, new photo opportunities today.  So, I’m using the photo I took this morning at Heathrow Airport, while Kyle and I had breakfast.  I was looking at my passport, and Kyle’s was lying closed, under mine, visible at the top of the photo.  That stamp represents an amazing two weeks.


Actually at home, now.  Morgan was here waiting for us, so she could update us on all the wonderful care she took with our home and our pets.  Time for another big thank you!  They all seem to be completely happy and were glad to see us.  Even the cat!  The mail is neatly collected, the plants are all alive and happy.  This terrific young lady even made her bed and vacuumed up the dog hair!  What a gift she has been in preserving our sanity and lowering the stress levels involved with being away from hearth and home.   Thank you, Morgan, with all our hearts.

While in Texas, the time is 8:30 p.m.—to us it’s going on 3 a.m.!  We’re tired, but refusing to give in to the jet lag.  The last thing my back needs is more than eight hours in the bed.  So, we’re watching some television and decompressing.  Wishing we could turn back the hands of time, and do it all again!  But, of course, time marches on, and tomorrow is a work day for Kyle.  We have our wonderful memories, and now we can begin to dream about the next trip! 😉