St. Giles Cathedral in dappled light

30 December 2008

If we keep up this pace, we’re going to need a vacation when we get home from this vacation—just to rest up and be functional!

I can’t really remember ever doing this much walking! I know it’s very good for me, and I hope I’m going to actually go home in better shape than I arrived, for a change. But, wow! It’s tough!

So, except for the tired bones and aching feet—or is that tired feet and aching bones?—today was a wonderful day of shopping for gifts, taking photographs, visiting new pubs and trying new tastes, and finally, of experiencing all the fabulous free entertainment Edinburgh’s Hogmanay had to offer. Tonight’s event was called “The Dancin'” and it was the kick-off to what they are calling “Homecoming”—a major theme for tourism in 2009. The event took place on three different stages and was designed to represent festive, native dance from all over the world. We saw tap dancers, swing dancers, break dancers, burlesque dancers, salsa dancers, can-can dancers, morris dancers, and country-western dancers who not only performed, but also taught the whole crowd how to do a line dance!  Finally, an incredibly talented group called Bollywood Steps took the stage and performed a forty-five minute show, complete with props, multiple costume changes, flash pots, and other special effects.  Marvelous entertainment that kept us engaged even though it was only 28 degrees fahrenheit! 

We are both very tired tonight.  And tomorrow is the big day!  We’ll have what I’m sure will be another outstandingly delicious breakfast from Erlend and Helene, and then out into Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.   We are actually contemplating an afternoon nap, so we can stay up late.