Champagne Welcome to First Class
24 December 2008

Today is the day!!!

It’s the long-awaiting day of departure for our Hogmanay Holiday to the UK.   My final chores related to leaving all took longer than anticipated, of course, and a few things got left undone.  But, I finished packing, and the house is pretty much ready for Morgan, so everything else will have to wait! 

Ginger did us the huge favour of driving us to the airport—she and I drove to pick up Kyle at his office (yes, he had to work this morning) and then she dropped us at the D Terminal at DFW.  We breezed right through security, and spent a little time waiting at Tigin, the Irish pub there at the terminal.  We had the first Guinness of the trip there, and ate some Guinness barbecue wings.   Kyle kept his eye on our standby status, and as we walked up to the gate, our names moved from standby to “cleared!”  And we weren’t just on the plane—we got first class!  I took this photo as I was settling into my giant space on the Boeing 777 that took us to London. 

The first class accommodations on this plane are fabulous!  A huge chair that reclines, provides adjustable lumbar support, and moves in more ways than I could have imagined–including completely flat!  Two desk spaces.   And a little corner seat for your travel partner to join you!.  A personal video screen and the choice of dozens of digital movies.   (I watched three complete movies during the flight:  The Bucket List—wow!  excellent;  Mamma Mia—wonderful fun; and Swing Vote—entertaining and scarily poignant.)  And we had excellent service, besides!  My photo shows the glass of champagne I was handed as a welcome!  That quickly became a mimosa . . . chemistry 101, as the flight attendant called it when I asked if I could combine the two choices we were offered.  Not long into the flight I was offered another drink—I chose a bloody mary.  Then there was wine with a very tasty dinner.  I could have continued in that vein the entire trip, but it was a bit of a bumpy ride, and I wasn’t able to sleep like most people.  By morning, all I really wanted was coffee—which was gladly provided.  Breakfast was wonderful and before we landed our delightful flight attendant, gave us a handful of little sample bottles of Wild Turkey American Honey—yum! It was a truly exceptional experience, and although tired, we arrived in London happy and a little bit pampered. ~MB