You can tell a lot about a person from the stuff on their desk

23 December 2008

I was wide awake at five o’clock this morning!  I stayed in bed ’til almost 5:15 just ’cause it was warm and cozy and I knew it would be cold on the outside of the covers.  But, I couldn’t sleep!  Too much to do, and too much excitement!

I made the little alterations to my coat.  I am fully packed except for jewelry—I’ll finish that in the morning.  I have  prepared notes for Morgan so she should have all the information she needs to make her life in our house for two weeks, more comfortable and confident.  And the Mouse Suite awaits her with space to move around, and clean sheets on the bed.  I have prepared a folder for us, of reference materials, reservation confirmations, ideas for sights to see, etc.  I have updated my holiday card list, so I can send our greetings from across the pond.   I have mailed copies of our passports to both of our parents, and I even managed to fit in a phone call to a credit card company to get an interest rate lowered (which they cheerfully did!)  It has been a full, rewarding day, and although I am totally beat, I am so excited, I’m vibrating!  Oh . . . wait.  Maybe that’s ’cause I forgot to eat.

Anyway, as I sat here writing this entry for The Daily KRuMB, I didn’t know what to photograph, and then I looked to my right.  My recently-cleared-off desk has open workspace, and yet still has room for lots of stuff that spells “MaritaBeth.”  And that’s just one corner. 

In thirteen and a half hours, hopefully—we’ll be on a plane!  Woo hoo!