Pile o' Mints

22 December 2008

The last Monday before the trip!  Kyle went off to work today, and I made huge headway on my various projects. 

I met this morning with the lovely Morgan, to whom Kyle and I will long be indebted.  She is going to spend this portion of her semester break from college, house-sitting for us, and caring for Cormac, ‘Tia and Artemis.  She and Ronnie came over this morning, and we ran through a bunch of the routine things—she fed the dogs, learned their commands, and was introduced to Artemis (who did not immediately hiss!).  We went out and had some breakfast, then came back and took the dogs for a brief walk, so she could experience that adventure, too.  I’ve known Morgan since she was a pre-teen, and I remember when she was born!  She has dogs at home, and has experience with cats and horses, as well.  So, I think she’ll do just fine!  We are so thankful for her willingness to help out like this!  I know she’ll get some help, too, from both Ronnie and from her sister, Taylor.  Our babies will be in excellent hands.

And, that, is an amazing gift of peace of mind!

The pile of Abuelo’s mints came out of Kyle’s pocket and got deposited on my (clean and cleared) kitchen counter.  I thought it would make an interesting shot . . . oh well.

Only two more days!