If she wasn't so cute, I'd take fewer pictures of her!

17 December 2008

I once had a dear reader of The Daily KRuMB tell me that I could post as many pictures of Artemis as I wished!  She claimed she’d never tire of seeing my pretty cat.  I hope she was serious!

I realise Artemis is an easy out, when it’s been a long day of busy-ness that didn’t include photography.  But, when she is this darned cute, really!  Even if I’d taken a pile of pictures of more interesting stuff, she’d still have likely made the cut!

Lunch today at Mi Tierra!  My chance to say goodbye to Lou as he leaves American Airlines, and Kyle and Terrill prepare to somehow pick up the slack.  I enjoyed my eggplant sandwich, but probably not as much as I enjoyed the potato balls we ordered as appetizers!  Other members of our luncheon party ordered Cubans and steaks and soups and ceviche . . . and everyone was pleased, as usual.  Yet another delicious meal from our friend Demaris.

If ever you’re inclined to want a great Latin Fusion meal, please give us a call!  We’ll happily take you to Mi Tierra!  We don’t seem to be able to get enough of it!

Countdown stands at seven days!  I officially started packing today! 🙂