Ed's Birthday

16 December 2008

Happy Birthday, Ed!

I spent the day once again, doing laundry, deep-cleaning corners of the house, sorting papers, filing, stowing things into the trailer, and just generally making progress.  It’s slow, but there’s light at the end of my proverbial tunnel.

At seven p.m., though, I dropped everything, and went to a birthday party.  Kyle was unable to attend, as he was at a party honouring a friend from work who is leaving the company (temporarily, we hope!)  But, I missed that party to join Ed and Stephen and a wonderful bunch of new friends I’ve met through them.  It was barbecue night, so we were gathering at Coker’s, and my stuffed baked potato was really tasty!  Despite our best efforts to try to pay for Ed’s meal, we were all unsuccessful—the restaurant picked up the tab!  Ed and Stephen eat at Coker’s once a week, pretty much without fail, so Ed is a regular customer there and apparently a special one.  But, of course, with that smile, what else would you expect?