Our Table at Bobby V's

14 December 2008

Another day off!  A girl could get spoiled! 😉

Kyle and I have really enjoyed spending a couple of days together where the most important thing we are obligated to do, is eat a couple of meals and walk the dogs!  We were hungry for a really good burger today, and ended up at Bobby V’s.  We weren’t disappointed, either.  The atmosphere was fun—with three or four different football games on various televisions.  And our burgers were in fact, delicious.  One errand to buy cat food on the way home was the closest we really came to being responsible. 

As I write this, we’re relaxing, with two tired dogs, and watching some mindless TV.  Life is good.  Tomorrow I’ll get back to the work at hand, but this weekend has really been divine.  I needed the downtime much more than I had realized.  I hope all my friends and customers who might read this, will forgive me.