Jack on Carrie's Tree

13 December 2008

I slept in today!  I accomplished absolutely nothing, and I spent the evening at a party with some of my dearest friends.  It was the perfect “first day off since September!”

Kyle, sadly, is still dealing with his cold.  He was well enough to join me for lunch at No Frills, but we didn’t feel it was a good idea for him to subject all our friends to his germs.  So, he stayed home, and I rode with Kelly and Bert to the party in Allen.  Always a wonderful gathering of fun folks, the Hamlin Holiday Party is one I look forward to each December.  I took a number of fun photos, there:  Shannon and Allen, Brittney and Linnea, Katrina and Dan, and some shots of the general silliness that can happen when a good bunch of friends get together.  My thanks to Carrie and Rob for consistently hosting such a delightful annual party.

This fun Jack Skellington ornament adorns Carrie’s Christmas tree, and I love it!

Happy Holidays!