Quad Candle

12 December 2008

It’s that time of the year, when there’s a constant chill in the air, and almost always a candle (or four) burning in our house.  It helps warm the air ever so slightly, which is a nice supplement to heating while we’re on a budget and keeping the thermostat low.  I lit this candle for the first time today.  It’s one of the biggest ones I’ve ever had—about seven inches in diameter–pretty fun.

I made huge progress in my housecleaning today.  I do have a dining room table under all that stuff and by tomorrow midday, it’ll be neat and maybe even decorated for the holidays a little bit.  I got out the area rugs for winter today, and did some heavy-duty cleaning behind and under stuff.  It’s a part of the preparation for the new year in Scottish tradition (and in many others as well).  Can’t let the new year dawn on a dirty home.  Since we’re going away, I’m getting an early start on it!

I missed the big Studio 54-themed birthday party for Alex tonight.  Hope it was a fun evening, guys.  Kyle is really dealing with a nasty cold, and although I actually put on some make-up and donned the polyester, maxi-length, leopard print dress, I ended up deciding to stay home with my man.  We had a nice quiet dinner, and weren’t in the living room ten minutes before the tired set in.

I’m posting this, and then going to bed to join my already dreaming husband.