DOTS 08 - Three Handsome Gentlemen

7 December 2008

Sunday gave us another beautiful weather day in Galveston.  The only thing that could really have made my day better, was if the streets were paved in playground rubber!  I really wish I could find a pair of period-looking shoes that would be comfortable for two long days on concrete . . . but I don’t think they exist! 

We had a nice breakfast at the hotel, with an excellent server—our first good experience in that restaurant.  ‘Bout time, I guess.  Kyle and I got to the downtown zone just in time to get a phone call from our friend BJ telling us she was on the island, too!  Her company was a wonderful surprise, and we have to remember to make sure she joins us again next year. 

We did a lot of sitting still today; I’m not the only one who’s feet hurt! 🙂  While we were occupying one particular curb, we managed to pass off a couple of our cameras to a trustworthy passerby, and get this photo.    He also promised to email us the photo he took, so we’ll see . . . I’m very pleased with the photo I chose for the KRuMB today.  Kyle and Rod and George all three looked marvelous (despite the fact that Rod was really pretty sick all weekend) and they stood in one place all together for long enough for me to remember I had my camera! 

Our day ended a little earlier today—we really were tired and sore  . . . but we were happy.  Back to the hotel and a quick change of clothes, and out to dinner at Willie G’s!  Yep!  They re-opened on Friday, completely remodeled and re-menued and re-staffed.  The place is modern-looking now, and even though I preferred the old world feel from before Ike, the new look is lovely.  And, it’s symbolic of the changes that Galveston has to face in it’s post-Ike existence.  It’s a new world.

Our weekend draws to a close.  Sunday night means packing to go home.  <sigh>