Kyle at the New Rest Stop

5 December 2008

We’re on the way to Dickens on the Strand 2008!  Woo Hoo!

We aimed to leave the house at 10 a.m. and were actually on the road by 10:33 — a darned good effort, and I feel pretty good about it!  It was a low-stress year where packing was concerned.  As it should be. 

So, somewhere in between Corsicana and Huntsville, there is a brand new, very cool “rest stop” along I-45.  Beautiful landscaping, attractively designed architecture and a fabulous children’s play area are the hallmarks of this independently-operated travel stop.  Inside the building is this giant, very artistically clever, manufactured tree!    My original intent was to stay in the truck while the boys went inside, but I succumbed to the draw of the playground and the newness of the building.  I had a feeling I might be missing something, and I was right!  There was Kyle inside this big fake tree—looking for all the world like a very tall, and very adorable, six year-old!  I guess I was inspired, ’cause I simply couldn’t walk back to the truck without a quick tour through the playground, and a trip down the cool slide!  That made for a funny picture, too.  I’m sure my dear husband will share that one!