Closing TRF Margarita

30 November 2008

Another faire season is over.  We put TRF to bed tonight, and this is the margarita I had to celebrate.   We had a great meal at the Tex Mex restaurant near faire.

The weekend turned out to be really very good.  Great attendance . . . the faire broke the 400,000 mark!  And the weather was perfect.  Still, Sunday was the slower day, and I had the opportunity to get out with Kyle and walk around a bit this morning.  While we were out, I got a wonderful surprise.  My husband bought me a present! 

With a trip to Scotland right around the corner, I’d been talking about wondering what coat to take with me to stay warm enough on a cold Edinburgh New Year’s Eve.  The folks at Moresca clothing had the answer.  Kyle and I had both seen this gorgeous coat they sell, and I had just this weekend let slip how fabulous I thought it was.  Apparently, he thought so, too, and now I own one!   He bought the last one they had, and I wore it the rest of the day!