Kyle Playing Peek-a-boo

29 November 2008

After two hard days at faire, with one still to go, Saturday night saw its share of silliness.  One of the more amusing moments for me, was this capture of my husband peeking out from behind an array of feathers.  I was trying to learn more about my camera—Clay (in the right half of this photo) was kindly educating me—and Kyle was being cute.  Imagine that. 🙂

Other photos I took during the learning process:  Ian, visiting us from Colorado this weekend; Clay, my teacher; and Mary, just being adorable Mary.

It’s a chilly weekend, although we didn’t really get the rain that was forecasted for us.  It makes for good cloak sales, and a willingness to try on layers of clothing that doesn’t exist when the temperature is in the eighties and nineties.

One more day.  Then the pack-out and the countdown to Scotland!  And in between—Dickens on the Strand!