Wire Basket

27 November 2008

ThanksGiving Day

Happy Birthday, McKenna!

My niece is nine years old today!  And not only did I remember to call and wish her a Happy Birthday, but I even remembered to ship her birthday presents early enough in the week, that they arrived two days early!  I have come so far! 😉

It is a sad fact that the schedule change at the Texas Renaissance Festival, effective in 2007, has rendered us unable to easily celebrate the thanks-giving holiday in any sort of traditional fashion.  But, despite the fact that  we had to load and pack and drive four hours south, one thing remains sacred—I got up this morning and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, on my television in my living room.  I was actually not as impressed with it, as I normally am, but I suspect that perhaps it’s the coverage that’s lacking, rather than the parade itself.

During the parade, I successfully made Pillsbury breakfast rolls, despite the fact that our oven tries very hard to ruin all that enters it’s gates.  And, when St. Nick had waved his last, and the parade was over, I let the football game play on the TV and went to work for a while.  I had a couple of projects I really wanted to finish before heading out to faire.

We hit the road around four-thirty, and the trip went well.  It wasn’t until I was in bed and already tired, that I realized I hadn’t taken a photo, yet.  Not a very big room, this one—so I felt at a loss for photo subject matter.  What you get is a shot of the three-tiered hanging baskets near the bed.

And that’s our Thanksgiving Day.  Good thing we don’t need a turkey and all the trimmings to be able to observe the meaning of the day.  We are truly thankful for so much!