23 November 2008
Clay, a good friend of ours, saw my recent post about wishing for a Nikon D-series camera. So, the man showed up at TRF this weekend sporting a spare Nikon D-70 camera which he loaned me. I am spoiled now, I think. I do love my Canon PowerShot 850IS, but it’s limited. It’s fantastic for travelogues and for slipping in your pocket on the way out the door. But, this fully-featured Nikon D-70 was simply amazing in my hand. I had more fun shooting photos on this day then I have in years…and I have fun taking photos. Clay tells me that the D-70 is outdated and that there is a D-90 (?) on the market that is heads and shoulders better than the D-70. Say it ain’t so!
On a typical faire day, I’ll shoot perhaps 20-30 photos and keep less than half. On this faire day, I shot just under 400 photos and kept 274 of them. Amazing.
This is a mosaic/collage of some of my favourites for the day. It also fits the Mini-Challenge this week of “Mosaic Stories”. Therefore, I present “Faire Story: A Day in the Life of CrazyBobcat at the Texas Renaissance Festival – Part 1.”
Thanks, Clay!

~KR (Written on 25 November 2008 )

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