Tanner and Codie

22 November 2008

Codie doesn’t like cameras.  It’s one of the first things his friends learn about him.  But, now that he has embraced the role of “grandpa” so completely, he finds he can’t always avoid them.  This photo, however, represents his creativity in trying! 

Actually, it was the precious little “tiny tall” hat from La Paloma that started it.  With Tanner all bundled up in Grandpa’s Half Moon Travelling Cloak, the hat above his head was awfully cute.  It wasn’t until I actually had the camera focused on them, that I realized how goofy the perspective was, and what a fun shot I really had.

So, thanks Codie—and Tanner—for being such good sports!

It was a lovely day at TRF, although pretty darned cold most of the day.  It did warm up throughout the day, and just as the sun was going down it had finally gotten warm enough to remove outer woolen layers of clothing.  Of course, as soon as it was dark, we wanted them again!  But, it never got as cold Saturday night as it did on Friday night.  I think I’m glad!