Bedtime Cat

19 November 2008

Once again, I present for your viewing pleasure—my cat. 

I worked all day on various projects, from calling the water department to see why our bill mysterioiusly doubled, to making breeches for Donny.  In the late afternoon, I changed clothes and made ready to go join Kyle for dinner and happy hour at Bronco’s.  The guys had decided it was time for “gathering” and that meant beer and political debate.  And, the girls were invited, too! <wink>  It was a good time, and much thought-provoking conversation took place. 

When we got back home, I still had some work to finish so I kissed my man goodnight and went back to the workshop.  When I finally decided I was done, and came back into the house, I found the photogenic cat asleep on my chair.  She woke up at the whirring of the camera, and obliged me for a few shots.   Still trying to learn the camera, and desperately trying to remember how to do the exposure thing that Clay taught me on Sunday.  <sigh> Back to the manual . . .