Amber in Blue

15 November 2008

Every weekend at TRF, there is a wonderful element of “homecoming” and “reuniting” with people we don’t get to see very often.  Sometimes it’s a much-anticipated, long-planned event such as a visit from Larry and Denise or George and Delaenya.  (This week it was Lance and Kimber!  Next week it’s Rick and Frank!)  Other times, it’s a total-out-of-the-blue visit from someone we weren’t expecting at all.  And often, it’s just a fun surprise that we knew was a possibility, but didn’t dare to count on happening—such was the visit this weekend by many of our friends who came to TRF to see the “Antique Rogues Show!”  Amber and Steve and Bobby and Paige and Erin, were just such a visit.  And not only did we get to see all of them, but Amber has spent heaven knows how many hours adding glitter and bling to her beautiful Courtesan costume.  She has done such an amazing job of taking this outfit to the next level, that I just had to take her picture.    Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s easily one of the most beautiful women I’m lucky enough to call a friend!  I took a shot of her with Steve in the booth, but that wasn’t enough.  I wanted her in the sunshine.  So, here she is, looking like a professional model!

And those shoes!