Trying the Night Setting on the New Camera

13 November 2008

Here’s another link to a Galveston Recovery/Hurricane Ike story:

The news is still bleak from that crazy little island.  It becomes increasingly evident that the island will never be the same—so many businesses that will never be back, others that need six to twelve months to even think about re-opening.  It does start to make one wonder just what flavour of insanity gripped those who in the nineteenth century decided that building a city on a small barrier island was a good idea.

On the subject of Galveston, recently I very much enjoyed reading the featured article in the Fort Worth Weekly, entitled A Tale of Two Storms by Tom Curtis.  It was the cover story and Kyle spotted it and brought it home for me, knowing I’d devour it, as I do nearly everything dealing with Galveston and her history.  This article actually reminded me of some of the points I’ve written about: questionable media coverage, evacuation weariness, and he clearly outlines Ike’s assault and explains why the damage was so great.  It’s well worth the read, so for sharing purposes, I found it online, here:

Today’s photo is pathetic, but it’s what I’ve got.  I am definitely at the bottom of a very big learning curve. 

We grabbed a quick dinner at Chili’s where a delightful young waitress by the name of Kayla saved us from our own crankiness over the unruly behaviour of all the children in the bar!  Yes—in the bar.  <shrug> She said all the right things and offered all the right sympathy/empathy.  If you visit the new Chili’s at Little Road and 287, ask for Kayla—she rocks.  I’m pretty sure she isn’t old enough to drink the margaritas she brings us, but she’s savvy beyond her years.  Anyway, our meal was tasty and the annoying people all left before we did!