Cormac Watching

14 November 2008

Give this dog some sheep or ducks or something, and he’d be a force to be reckoned with— but in our suburban neighbourhood, the frisbee will have to do.

I knew today was going to be hectic, so I figured I’d get my photography done early this morning, so I wouldn’t run the risk of getting all the way through the day with no pictures.  Good thing I did!

Kyle took a few minutes this morning to throw the frisbee for the dogs, and I shot a few fun photos of that playtime—Cormac is quite the jumper!

One very exciting thing about today—we’re at TRF, and our dogs aren’t in the kennel!  They are at home, with our dear friends Allyson and Rod, probably being somewhat spoiled as I write this!  When Ally suggested that they could stay with the dogs, we were thrilled!  It was such a generous offer that we simply couldn’t pass it up—although we’re still not sure how to adequately thank them!