Baby  Pirate

8 November 2008

Apparently, it’s true.  You really can buy anything on eBay.  That’s where this stroller cover came from, the parents told me.  This is totally the sort of thing I would do if I were a parent!  And there would be a different one for every holiday.  And a fancy fringy Renaissance version.  Oh, and a tartan one for celtic events  . . . oh, parenthood would have been pricey!  (And that’s just the stroller!)  Anyway, I was amused enough to snap a photo.  Good thing, since it’s the only photo I got out of my camera on Saturday at faire—before it died.

Yes, died.

After more than two years (it’s actually closer to three since it first came into my life) of daily service for The Daily KRuMB and much travelling and loving “abuse”—-my little Canon Powershot 520 is dead.  The moving parts that make the camera “wake up” when you turn it on—don’t move any more.   I suppose it’s possible that somebody can work some magic on it . . . (ahem, Clay, ahem) . . . but I have resigned myself to this being the week when I will have to go purchase another.

<sigh>  I cannot dwell on this—it’s very sad.

So, who knows whose camera I shall try to commandeer for tomorrow’s photo!