My Red Star

2 November 2008

Most of my friends know I have an addiction. 

Actually, I suppose I have many . . . antiques, thrift stores, bargain shopping in general, shoes (that’s a big one—still working to claim control over it), and . . . eBay.  I began shopping on eBay way back in the year 2003, when I first got Kyle’s hand-me-down computer and we called it mine.  Kyle had been shopping (and even occasionally selling) on eBay for a couple of years, and I knew a bit about it.  But, I’d never really gotten involved.  Until I had my own machine, that is, and got a little braver with the internet.  It didn’t take long for me to learn what good deals I could find on (shoes) the cool stuff I collect . . . from all over the world!  No longer confined to my local area thrift stores to shop for (shoes) neat Mickey stuff, or items useable in costuming, I was off and running.

Now, many years later, I have the habit well under control.  I no longer spend hours at a time, or lose sleep searching for (shoes) items I really don’t need.  In fact, sometimes days or even weeks go by without me bothering with (shoes) it at all.  But, I do use it to find (shoes) things I need and/or can use in my business.  And, as such, it has become a very valuable source. 

Tonight, after a weekend at faire, I logged into my eBay account and realized I’d reached a noteworthy milestone:  I’ve earned my Red Star.  I have a “positive feedback” rating of 1000—and with zero negatives!  That means I’ve completed successful, happy transactions, either as seller or (more often) as buyer, with 1000 unique individual other eBayers.  (Multiple transactions with the same eBayer can earn you comments but not points.) 

My photo is rather blurry, ’cause I snapped the picture in the truck on the way home.  I know it’s a little bit goofy, but I’m proud.

And, I’m still working on the shoes thing.