Fine Feathers

23 October 2008

I have attempted, here at The Daily KRuMB, to remain rather understated on subjects political—especially with this year’s election polarizing so many . . . but try as I might, there is one subject on which I cannot continue to remain silent.

Sarah Palin.

I have listened while one too many persons that I love and respect, whether personally or as a celebrity, have made comments of acceptance of Sarah Palin.  Some, because she loves small-town America.  How can that be bad?  Some, because she’s “smart.”  Um . . . wtf?  And some—and this is the one that worries me the most—because she’s a woman.  Haven’t we been hoping for a woman on Capitol Hill?  Haven’t we been working toward this our whole lives?  Haven’t we needed to give this sort of power to a woman?  Well, yes, I say.  Yes.  But, not this woman.

This woman scares me.  She does not represent me.  Not in any way.  She does not represent any woman who respects the earth, its creatures, its resources, or herself.  She does not represent any person who believes in the importance of the first amendment.  I cannot be as eloquent on this subject as I wish I could.  I am admittedly, simply not knowledgeable enough about politics.  But, I know enough to know that Sarah Palin, and all she represents, cannot be allowed to get this close to the White House.   

Few have spoken out for women’s rights and equality more or better than Eve Ensler.  Known largely for her ongoing project The Vagina Monologues, she is sometimes controversial, but always honest and intelligent.  Her editorial about Sarah Palin puts it as well as anything I’ve come across, so I share it, here:

Early voting has started in Texas.  Next week those early polling places are open in Tarrant County from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.