Patron Pirate Clan at TRF

19 October 2008

Another really beautiful day at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I cannot figure out why the crowds this weekend weren’t much bigger.  It was perfect weather for being outdoors.  But, sales were fairly average, so again—I feel I cannot complain. 

At one point, late on Sunday afternoon, I looked out into the lane in front of our shoppe and saw a gaggle of young boys all dressed in almost identical pirate costumes.  I was so impressed that so many boys had cared enough to dress up!  So often today’s kids, especially boys, get all bent out of shape when someone suggests they might do something out of the ordinary, or different from what other kids do.  Of course, by the very nature of the group of them doing the same thing, I suppose there might have been some of that going on, anyway!  But, I was taken by it, and I grabbed my camera and ran into the lane to try to capture the sight.  The obviously saintly women herding these kids, had their work cut out for them, and it just wasn’t possible to get them all in a candid photo.  So, I complimented them on their outfits, found out they were all cousins (!) and asked if I could take their picture.  All but one were more than willing, and the group gathered, while the one front and center whined, “Why do we always have to have our picture taken?”

I told him it was because they all looked so great, and I thanked them for going to the effort to participate in the spirit of the faire.  The ladies seemed grateful for the praise, and the boys were off down the lane.  But, I got my photo, and although I don’t know anything else about who they are, I am charmed by it.

I love the youthful energy it captures.  I love the feeling of fun and adventure.  I am delighted anytime any patron has taken the time to play along and dress up to come to faire.  No matter how many “packaged” pirates . . .  no matter how many poorly-made Simplicity patterns . . . no matter how many “Witharrrrrds” in bathrobes and fake beards . . . I am happy to see them.  That a patron takes the time, energy, money, and imagination to buy or make or borrow whatever his or her idea of a costume is, and then wear it, is a gift to those of us who need the faires to be successful.  Without the people who have that sense of fun and participation, I wouldn’t have a job. 

Thank you, pirate clan!