Chocolate Candle

17 October 2008

I wish there were some way to make The Daily KRuMB “scratch and sniff”-able!  This little candle in a tin that I picked up in a discount store somewhere, is the yummiest-smelling candle I’ve burned in a while.  When lit, it doesn’t take long for the air in the room to take on the delicious scent of a freshly-baked chocolate cake!

I’m at TRF tonight without Kyle—so I love the fact that I got a photo that clearly shows a picture of the two of us.  I miss him.  Due to the strict “no pets” policy at TRF, both of us coming to faire involves a three-day stay at the kennel for the dogs.  And, while they seem to love that, it gets a bit on the pricey side.  So, this weekend, Kyle opted to stay at home.

I left home around 3:30 p.m., ran a handful of errands, and was on the road by four o’clock.  Stephen rode down with me, and after unloading the truck, we met Kelly at Rancho Grande for dinner at eight.  By the time we got back from dinner, Donny and Mary had arrived and were working on checking in our new product.  We got that all done, and then Stephen and I watched (again) Sweeney Todd while I  built three chain girdles and a chain of office.  It was way too late when we said goodnight.  Mornings come very early at TRF, where cannon sounds at nine a.m.!