Dr Pepper Morning

13 October 2008

After a demanding opening weekend at TRF, we were fortunate that Kyle had secured permission to do his morning work remotely, allowing us to get a good night’s sleep and then drive home on Monday.  We rose, loaded the truck (although I forgot a couple of things I shouldn’t have forgotten!), finally got the trailer hooked up to the truck, and hit the road.  Unfortunately, it was later than we’d planned, and when we found a little diner just a few miles up the road, we stopped to eat, and to turn on our computers.  Kyle took a few phone calls, prepared some reports, answered some emails.  I worked on my special order email to Nicole and sent a report of the weekend to Pamela. (We are proud to be selling La Paloma Hats at TRF this year!)  While we were waiting for the Prairie Kitchen’s new grease to be ready to cook our excellent fries, (we just barely missed their breakfast hours) I snapped this photo of Kyle as he worked.  I was still drinking coffee, but he had already switched to a different form of caffeine.

I never write the brand name “Dr Pepper” without remembering my journalism training and the AP Stylebook.  Dr Pepper, the drink, is always written specifically without the “period” that normally follows the letters “dr” in the abbreviation for the word “doctor.”  That wasn’t always the case, though.  The drink was first served in 1885 (a year before Coca Cola), and when introduced nationally in 1904, it was common to see the period.  For many years the punctuation mark came and went.  But, as the story goes, when a new font was introduced in the 1950s packaging, the “period” didn’t work—it made the “Dr” look like “Di:” and that obviously was no good.  So, the company officially dropped the “period” and any worries of its product seeming like medicine!   I learned that way back in 1980 or ’81, and can still remember the knowledge of it feeling “new.”  The brain is a strange, strange place.

We had a delightful little meal at the Prairie Kitchen, by the way.  If you take the back roads to TRF like we do—it shaves nearly an hour off the trip!—it’s worth a visit.  Located at the corner with the traffic light in the little town called Roan’s Prairie, they serve a great burger and an excellent grilled cheese!  Two plus hours later, We got home, unhitched the trailer, took a quick, much-needed shower.  Then we headed out to the airport to get Kyle’s vehicle out of hock, in time to come back home and get to his soccer game on time.  He played practically the whole game, while I watched and finished my work on my laptop.  We were so tired by bedtime, that even I didn’t stay up late!