Queen Anne's Lace at TRF

12 October 2008

A lovely day at the Renaissance Festival, made lovelier by this group of beautiful women!  Queen Anne’s Lace is an energetic, talented group of ladies who sing like angels.  Whether they’re performing bawdy songs at a renfaire, sacred songs at a funeral, love songs at a wedding . . . it doesn’t matter—-it’s all fabulous!  We are a bit biased, of course, as these girls are very dear friends.  But, one good listen, and there’s no denying we’re right!  I snapped this photo during an 11 a.m. show, just outside our booth (where the stage used to be), while the girls were performing my request:  “The House is Haunted!” 

Sunday of opening weekend was, of course, not as busy as Saturday.  Kyle and I were both feeling better, and we even got to take a quick walk in the early part of the morning.  We visited Kelly, at the secondary Excalibur shoppe, and we paid a visit to the new Merchant Prince Wine Bar—a lovely addition to the faire.

We had one really special experience, today—a couple who had travelled all the way from Germany to buy from us at Pendragon Costumes!  They had planned their holiday to coincide with TRF’s opening, and came into our booth, with literally dozens of pages they had printed from Nicole’s website!  I worked with them for nearly three hours, trying on garments, and dealing with a bit of a language barrier.  But, we had so much fun!  We have always been proud to be a part of Nicole’s business, but days like this really drive that home.

We ended our Sunday with a trip to the Copper Rose—one of three restaurants in “Toon Town,” the rennie community adjacent to the TRF faire site.  We each ordered something different, from burgers to meatball sandwiches to pork loin, and none of us were disappointed.  It was a good wind-down from the weekend, and it didn’t take too long.  I was back at my paperwork by about 11 p.m. and in bed by about one!

Thankfully, the drive home will happen on Monday.