In My Own Little Corner

8 October 2008

This photo is of about half of the room that is our living space at TRF.  Years ago, I found a bolt of this crazy fabric that matched a comforter set we had, and I used it as “wall covering” for this room, and accented with bright yellows and reds.  The room has a bizarre sort of vintage feel—you just aren’t sure which vintage!  The yellow tower of little shelves in the corner dates back to my college days.  The lamp, which unfortunately didn’t photograph well, ’cause I had it on, is a large white globe, surrounded with suspended plastic flowers—straight outta my New York bedroom in the seventies.  Also in the room, but not in the photo, is a turn of the century school desk, and a 1950s chair with peg legs, that was once orange vinyl, but now wears the beautiful, multi-coloured, cut velvet that my Gammy recovered it with in the mid-seventies.

It’s not a very big space, but it’s our home away from home during this faire.  It’s eclectic, but comfortable.

My title for this post is taken from one of my favourite songs of all time:  “In My Own Little Corner,” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.  It was always one of my best audition songs, and it brings back heavenly memories of dancing around to the old LP, as a very little girl.