Pumpkin Patch Extraordinaire

6 October 2008

This Pumpkin Patch in South Arlington really is something special to see.  I know it’s not a real pumpkin patch, ’cause all the pumpkins have already been harvested, and brought to this location.  Nothin’ on the vine, here.  But, they are arranged by size and in interesting displays with centerpieces made of haybales and scarecrows and such.  In the less than five minutes I was there, there were at least three moms taking pictures of their kids and buying pumpkins.  Pretty neat piece of fall flavour, I’d say.

I was parked next to this pumpkin patch lot (hosted by a local church, btw) because I went to the doctor.  Yep.  That’s how bad I felt, and had been feeling for nearly two weeks.  Those that really know me, get that I was miserable, and worried.  I was scheduled to leave for TRF today, and didn’t feel confident enough about going away and living in the wilderness, if there was a chance I might have worked my way into walking pneumonia or something.   So, I made an appointment, and went to see Dr. Brad. 

Dr. Brad is an Aggie.  But, we like him anyway! <wink>  He is about our age, and he’s a D.O.—something I specifically look for when doctor shopping.  We’ve been seeing him, when necessary for most of ten years.  So, he has our trust, and when he said all my symptoms were right in line with signs of a really nasty allergic reaction to something, probably ragweed, among others,  I believed him.  He offered me a couple of scripts, and . . . a magic cortisone shot.  He said the shot would have me feeling better by tomorrow, and I said, “YES, please!”  He also managed to give me enough propaganda to read, and was genuine enough about his beliefs, that he talked me into a flu shot.  So, with any luck at all, I’m set ’til my next annual physical!

The shot did seem to be working some minor magic by bedtime, although the cough persists.  Grrr.  Departure for TRF noonish tomorrow.