Fabric That Aches to be Beaded

4 October 2008

For the first time in fourteen years, Kyle and I are in town on the first weekend of October.  The two of us being ill lately, had severely rearranged our last two or three weeks.  Originally, we were planning to go to the State Fair of Texas on this weekend.  But, when I was feeling so poorly that I had to postpone my out-of-town customers from last weekend to this weekend—the State Fair lost the priority game.

So, we slept a little late, considering that neither of us is sleeping very well.  We watched a movie and I worked on beading for Crystal’s underskirt.  This fabric simply cries out: “Bead me! Bead me!”  It’s rich, fabulous multi-colour brocade with chenille bits woven through it.  It has so many little “no brainer” spots for beads it isn’t even a challenge to know where to put them.  What IS a challenge is knowing when to stop!  And making the colors of beads and the sizes work with design of the fabric.  I love this work—I know I’m certifiable!  But, I do.

My meeting with Crystal and Lionel took a lot longer than I thought it would, but when all was said and done, we had two completed sketches and two completed measurement sheets.  We had made all of the major fabric decisions, and sent them away with swatches, and we know what colours the other couple of fabrics will be as well.

It was a hard day’s work, with much to show for it!  Crystal and Lionel are fun folks and I am very much enjoying getting to know them as they prepare for their nuptials in April.

Now—to create patterns and mock-ups for them by tomorrow.