Ceviche from Mi Tierra

3 October 2008

Believing that this creeping crud I’ve been dealing with would surely be gone by now, we had made plans with two dear friends to have dinner tonight.  And not just any dinner—a chance to introduce new folks to the artful and tasty talents of our friend, Damaris, owner and chef at Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant.

There was no way a few sniffles and a little coughing were going to get in the way of the evening!  I worked during the day, including getting Joe’s mock-up ready for his fitting this afternoon.  Joe and Cindy have commissioned new duds that we’re hoping to debut at TRF.  Allyson and Rod arrived at the house right around six, as planned.  The missing cog in the wheel was Kyle.  We waited a little while, and then called him to see how much longer he might be.  We determined he should meet us at the restaurant, since the kitchen does close at 8 p.m.

So, we dealt with pups, picked a second bottle of wine to go with the one Rod had brought along, and Rod drove the three of us to the restaurant.  We were amused to note, that I was not the only one with the remnants of a cold bug.  Both Ally and Rod were sniffling, too!  At least I didn’t have to worry about “making” anyone sick!  We got to the restaurant, and were greeted just inside the door, by Carlos, Damaris’ husband and partner in the restaurant.  He is the “front man”—always chatting with the guests, always with a comfortable, jovial attitude that makes one feel more like a guest in his home, than a patron in his restaurant. 

Kyle arrived soon after us, and Rod opened a bottle of wine.  We ordered an appetizer sampler plate , this absolutely beautiful serving of ceviche that I chose to use as my photo of the day, and four different entrees.  Then it was Christmas!  Unbeknownst to us, Allyson had decided to give gifts this evening, and presented Kyle with an absolutely fabulous pair of stone dice—made of Tiger Eye!  He was thrilled.  And, for me there were amazing antique reproduction buttons and a set of “my size” bangle bracelets.  (When you are petite, it is so hard to find tiny bangles that don’t fall right down over your hand!)  Treasures from a recent trade show or two that she’d been to, and (thankfully) had thought of us!   But, we know that it is she herself, that is the real treasure.

We had been looking forward to this evening—ever since Kyle first got the phone call this summer from our dear friend Rod, telling him that he’d met Allyson through our MySpace pages, and they’d begun chatting a lot, apparently realizing more every day just how much, and how many friends they had in common.  Rod asked Kyle if it “would be okay” if they dated.  How adorable is that?  Allyson told us at dinner that when she got a friend request from this cute guy that Kyle and I seemed to know so well, she couldn’t figure out why they didn’t already know each other!  So, a number of weeks (I think they were celebrating two months!) later, here they are—still quite fascinated with each other.  And, since we love them both individually—the “two for one” aspect of this relationship suits us perfectly!!  We look forward to many more good times with this wonderful young couple.  Next time, it seems, it will include a game of some kind . . . perhaps, mah jong!