27 September 2008
My first full day with new eyes. How exciting. Still a little blurry around the edges and some light halos to work through but oh my gosh how wonderful to not have to worry about contacts or glasses. How very, very wonderful.
We decided to put my new eyes to the test so I drove us out to Pappas Burgers near TCU to watch TCU lose horribly to a stellar OU team. Not only could I see the TV, but I could actually read the score in the corner without squinting or moving closer. Wow.
Enough on the eyes.
Now for something completely different and a bit of a soapbox issue for me. I have for years, known about and marveled at the apathy that seems so prevalent in North Texas. I don’t understand how you can so proudly wear your school’s colours, but as soon as they start losing, you abandon them and go about your own business. Don’t people understand that a passion is a passion whether the team is losing or not! I have never once turned off or turned away from an Arsenal game even when the display was pathetic and my team was losing (such as this past weekend against Hull at the Emirates). I expect the same to hold true for folks who actually care about their school. When we arrived at Pappa’s Burgers, there were a good 100+ alumni & soon-to-be alumni laughing, drinking, eating, shouting and having a good time. Then the game started. Then TCU started losing. Then people started leaving.
This is the half-time photo:
Devoid of Fans
Not only are the tables empty, but the staff have had time to clean them. If you are going to support a team, be it college, professional, amateur or whatnot, then support that team! Support them through their losses & their wins. Cheer them when they destroy a team 52-10, and cheer them on even more when they are losing 38-3. Would you walk out on your children’s/sibling’s/parent’s amateur game because they were losing? Of course not (and if you do, then fie on you!), you stay and support and cheer to the bitter end. What difference for the school to which you paid good money to be a part of?
This apathy extends far beyond sports, I fear, although North Texas is notoriously known as a ‘fair weather sports fan’ area. This apathy extends to conventions & book signings & rallies & events of all sorts. We used to have a fabulous Comic Book convention in the area; but after years of struggling to get enough people through the door to pay the costs of operation, it finally closed. We have a fantastic renaissance festival in the area that’s nearly 30 years old; they still struggle to get 15000 people through the gate on any given weekend while a similar, if slightly older, festival near Houston routinely pulls in 30-40000 people per day. We have a wonderful baseball team that can’t fill the ballpark. We have an exceptional professional soccer team in Frisco that can’t sell out a 12000 seater, while other soccer-specific stadiums throughout the US routinely sell out 20000 & 25000-seater stadiums. We had a fabulous semi-pro hockey team in Ft. Worth who pulled up stakes and left due to low/no attendance. The anomaly seems to be the Dallas Cowboys who pretty consistently sell out, but then they pretty consistently do well, too, so the correlation isn’t too hard to figure out. When the Dallas Stars are cup-hunting, you can’t get a ticket to a game, but when they’re not, you can’t give away tickets. The same is true of the Dallas Mavericks. I think that’s enough of my rambling now, but I think I’ve made my point. If you have a love of something, go do it, and stick to it to the end. Don’t leave the game early because your team is losing (or winning by a huge margin), that just shows a certain level of shallowness. Don’t not attend a comic book convention because there’s no one you want to see. Don’t not attend a rally or charity benefit because you have better things to do. Get out there. Have fun and stop being apathetic!

~KR (Written on 30 September 2008 )

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