Only the Cat is Real

30 September 2008

Artemis loves stuffed animals.  I know that’s kinda weird, and I probably wouldn’t believe it myself if she didn’t provide so much proof.  Today, left to her own devices, this is where she chose to take her morning nap.

Kyle and I brought this stuffed plush border collie home from our last trip to Scotland.  I think I’ve written about it before, probably because it was in a photo with Artemis!  But, this is a new spot for him—and consequently, for her.  I am so amused.

Still sick, by the way.  But, I am down to just one little page of notes about what numbers my accountant still needs.  I just sent her off with another box of “stuff” and I feel pretty good about that. 

I did find a very happy article online at the Galveston Historical Foundation’s own website:

It tells beyond all shadow of a doubt, that this year’s Dickens on the Strand Festival is ON!