Old and New

29 September 2008

This is totally one of those “doh!  It’s bedtime and I haven’t taken a photo” photos.  I’ve been pretty under the weather with this nasty cold or whatever it is, that reared its ugly head on Thursday night, and set in with a vengeance on Sunday.  Not thinking clearly.  Forgot. 

We bought new telephones in June right before I went away and I’m still learning how to use them.  Consequently, I still keep the old ones around, too, even though most of them no longer work.  As I searched for something to photograph, I was struck by how different these two phones are in their similarity—old on the right with the big antenna.  Then, after taking the photo, I realized I have a great photo of Kyle and I in Victorian garb in the background of the photo.  Cool. 

Did I mention I was sick?